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Tips For Training A New Manager

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If you have someone in your business who is a dedicated and responsible worker, you may be considering promoting them to a management role. Dedicated workers can make great managers -- but you need to be aware that management is much different than what they have currently been doing. If you want this new manager to succeed, you need to put some time and effort into training them properly for the role. Here are a few ways to do just that.

1. Have the employee shadow a current manager.

Instead of just throwing the employee into their new role and letting them figure it out "on the job," plan on a transitional training period during which they work alongside one of your other managers. During this time, they should start by just observing, and then slowly taking over the duties of the other manager as the manager supervises them and gives them guidance. Make sure the person you have train your new manager is helpful, kind, and informative.

2. Send the employee to a leadership development program.

There are good ways and bad ways to lead and organize groups of people. At a leadership development program, your new employee will learn some good people management skills that will not only help them get better results but will also ensure the employees come to see them as fair and rational. Many community colleges offer leadership development programs that last a few weeks and are held at night. There are also online courses that your employee could participate in for a few hours per day. Pay for them to take such a course, and you'll find that they adapt to their management role more easily.

3. Make their responsibilities clear from the get-go.

When an employee is first placed in a management role, they may feel overwhelmed by all of the new responsibilities and the many people who report to them. You can help keep them from becoming overwhelmed by being very specific about what their duties are and are not. Have one of your current managers make a comprehensive list of their responsibilities so you can pass this list on to your new manager. Make it clear that they are welcome to come to you if they have questions as to your expectations or their role.

With the tips above, you can help your responsible employee adapt to their new role as a manager.