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A Rewarding Responsibility: Homeschooling Your Child With Autism

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The traditional educational experience is different for each student. In fact, the traditional educational experience may not be the best fit for some students. As the parent of a child with autism, you may be concerned about their compatibility with traditional education. It's not enough for them to merely make it through their time in school. You want them to thrive. Is homeschooling your child the way to do this?

Limited Resources 

Although an elementary school will attempt to accommodate a child with special needs, they may still lack the resources to give your child the dedicated attention that's needed. This isn't necessarily anyone's fault, because educators have to distribute their time among all the students in their care. Still, the idea that your child may be in danger of slipping through the cracks is unacceptable. This is why many parents opt to take on the rewarding responsibility of homeschooling their child with autism.

Your Ability to Teach

You may doubt your own abilities as an educator, but this shouldn't in fact be a concern. You might be confident in your abilities to teach the arts and humanities to a predetermined curriculum, but more precise fields that rely on quantifiable data (such as math and science) can be more of a challenge. Even though your child will be homeschooled, their teacher doesn't necessarily need to be physically present for all subjects.

Online and One-on-One

Sitting with your child as they attend an accredited online elementary school is an excellent medium. You're there to help your child work their way through the assignments, and are essentially acting as a teacher's aide for the online classroom portions of their day. You may wish to teach other subjects directly, and it can take a little time to determine a method of delivery that your child will react positively to. Provided it adheres to the requirements in your state, there's some flexibility with the content of the curriculum too.

Individualized Experience

By homeschooling and combining online lessons with teaching certain subjects yourself, you're providing an individualized, well-rounded education for your child that takes their autism into account during every step of the journey. Your child will not be left behind, and the flexibility afforded by homeschooling allows you to determine the best schedule for your child to maximize their results. 

The one-on-one time, customized curriculum, and flexible scheduling of homeschooling can make it ideal for an elementary student with autism—allowing them to not merely survive their time at school, but to thrive.

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