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Address Signs of Anxiety in Your Toddler

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If your toddler has begun showing signs of anxiety when it is time for you to drop them off at daycare, and you haven't experienced any issues in the past, an underlying reason that may involve a fear about a new activity that has been introduced or a conflict with another child may be the culprit. Vocalize your concerns and provide your child with reassurance to counteract the problem.

Meet With The Caregivers

It is important to meet with the director and your child's teacher to discuss your concerns. The daycare staff members likely keep track of incidents on a daily basis and can refer to their written documentation to help determine what has triggered your child's behavior.

Even if this does not instantly help identify what the problem is, making the caregivers aware of your child's sudden change in behavior will result in them keeping a closer eye on your toddler to figure out what is causing the distress. Ask the caregivers to provide you with routine updates and feel free to stop by the center or call the facility on occasion so that you can check on your child's status.

Ask About Scheduling

If your child's teacher uses a curriculum and follows a routine each day, ask for a copy of the schedule so that you are aware of what your child's daily routine includes. If you notice a new activity or an alteration in the breakfast or lunch menu, then perhaps the activity is one that your child is not comfortable with or mealtime isn't as appealing to your loved one as it used to be.

Ask the teacher if your toddler interacts with others or if they tend to be withdrawn. If a new child was recently enrolled or if there is one child who your toddler tends to shy away from, a conflict may have occurred that resulted in your child's behavior change. The teacher can sit down with your child and the one or ones who are involved in the conflict to reduce any negative feelings between the children. 

Reassure Your Child And Provide Support

Let your child know how much you care for them and tell them that you want them to enjoy their time at the daycare. Ask your child questions and encourage your toddler to share information with you each day.

Walk your child into their classroom at the beginning of each day and allow them to lead you over to a play area, table, or another part of the room where they would like to spend time. Observe your child for several minutes before heading out the door so that you are sure that your loved one is content.