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Five Tips For Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

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Kindergarten is a huge first step for your child, especially if they weren't in any schooling previously. Even so, kindergarten is much different than preschool or child care settings. Here are five tips to help you prepare your child for kindergarten:

  1. Stop Naps: While it may be difficult for you to stop the naps, it's important for your child since naps won't be included in the kindergarten routine. This is also a great way to establish a better bedtime since your child is most likely going to need to start getting up earlier than they are used to. 
  2. Create New Daily Schedule: The next thing you are going to want to do is start implementing a new daily schedule that includes the new time that wake up needs to happen, as well as bedtime. You will also want to prepare for times during the day after school when your child is going to work on homework in between dinner time, bath time, and whatever other night routines you have. 
  3. Create a Homework Space: Homework is going to be a new thing for your child, as well, so to encourage the work being done, you should create a homework space for your child. Have your child pick out a desk or some certain supplies that are strictly for doing homework at home and that should help ease this into the new daily schedule. 
  4. ​Read Books About Going to School: Reading to your child every night is a great way to encourage reading. While this is important, it can be even more helpful if you're reading about new transitions that your child is going through, including reading about starting school. You can even have your child pick out the books, as well before bringing them home. 
  5. Start Learning: Finally, before getting into kindergarten, you can use the new planned time of day for homework to start learning certain basics. This includes recognizing letters and numbers and even how to write their own name. This is going to make the transition into learning for a majority of the day a bit easier on your child. With some of the basics down, they will be more prepared to take on other tasks in the classroom, as well. 

When you consider these five tips, you are going to easily help your child become more prepared for kindergarten, which is going to make those first few days in school much easier on your child and yourself.